Online training of Python for Data Science

Python for Data Science

Python is a widely used high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes code readability, and its syntax allows programmers to express concepts in fewer lines of code than possible in languages such as C++ or Java.

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Online training of Python for Data Science
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Course Details

Duration: 30 hours Effort:6 hours per week

Price With GST: ₹4000/-

Subject: Data Science Level: Beginner
You just need to know basics of any programming language like what is loop, What if and else does, how operators are used. If you know the basics of C or C++, it would be very easy to learn Python. Once you are up with basics of Python try learning any framework to build web application. You can choose flask which is a light weight framework of Python. Once you are able to develop web application using Python, you will never run out of opportunities in Python domain.

About this course

Data Science is the science of analyzing raw data using statistics and machine learning techniques with the purpose of drawing insights from the data.Data science is used in many industries to allow them to make better business decisions, and in the sciences to test models or theories.

What you'll learn

  • Architecture Data Science
  • Data architects create blueprints for data management systems. After assessing a company’s potential data sources (internal and external), architects design a plan to integrate, centralize, protect and maintain them. This allows employees to access critical information in the right place, at the right time.

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Class room training
₹9,440 +GST
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Online live clases
₹4,000 +GST
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Self placed clases
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Course Video
  • 1-Architecture Data Science
  • 1-Data Science Stages
  • 1-Libraries of Data Science
  • 1-How to install Anaconda on Mac machine
  • 1-Python inbuild datatype container
  • 1-list, tuple, dictionary
  • 1-List Comprehension
  • 1-Jupyter Notebook introduction
  • 1-Capturing Output in Jupyter Notebook
  • 1-Data Science with Python Jupyter QT console
  • 1-Data Science with Python Error and Debugging
  • 1-Numpy NdArray Object
  • 1-Creating Numpy Array
  • 1-Reading and Writing Data Using Pandas
  • 1-Reading and Writing CSV Data Using Pandas
  • 1-Generating and Parsing Dates Using Pandas
  • 1-Cleaning Up Data Arrays
  • 1-Loading a Dataset from a URL
  • 1-Handling Large Datasets
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Python for Data Science Interview Questions:
1. What are the key features of Python?

If it makes for an introductory language to programming, Python must mean something. These are its qualities:

  1. Interpreted
  2. Dynamically-typed
  3. Object-oriented
  4. Concise and simple
  5. Free
  6. Has a large community

2. How is multithreading achieved in Python?

A thread is a lightweight process, and multithreading allows us to execute multiple threads at once. As you know, Python is a multithreaded language. It has a multi-threading package.
The GIL (Global Interpreter Lock) ensures that a single thread executes at a time. A thread holds the GIL and does a little work before passing it on to the next thread. This makes for an illusion of parallel execution. But in reality, it is just threads taking turns at the CPU. Of course, all the passing around adds overhead to the execution.

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Ankit Nayak

I have taken python basic and advance course. Trainers are good, give personal assistant and clear doubts. Also provide real time projects which seriously help me in getting job.

Kalyan c

I joined here for python classes, its very good place for training and infrastructure is awesome. faculty is really good they helped me a lot to learn the new things.

Chinmaya Kumar Dash

Best training institute for python and Data science.


Highly recommended to take this course.Covers all the important topics and the best part is it is taught so well and is always up to date..

Faiza Anjum

I had joined there for data science & machine learning. They have experienced faculties who make it easy for you to learn. It's worth the money!

Reshma Raj

would say this is one of the best institute in Bangalore, I did my data science course , very good teaching from jagadish and amrutha and I am getting help from HR team for placement !! Thank you RTS

Gargi Agrawal

We are doing here data science training, it is a good platform to learn to get a deep knowledge. Here we are getting personal guidance. we get the time to practice

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