Online training of PCB Design

PCB Design

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Online training of PCB Design
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Duration: 40 hours Effort:8 hours per week

Price With GST: ₹17700/-

Subject: Embedded Systems Level: Beginner
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About this course

What you'll learn

The Design

Creating a New PCB Project

Adding a Schematic to the Project

Setting Options - Schematic Document Options - Schematic Editor Preferences

Locating the Components and Loading the Libraries

Placing the Components on the Schematic - Placing the Transistors - Placing the Resistors - Placing the Capacitors - Installing the Connector Library - Placing the Connector - Component Positioning Tips

Wiring up the Circuit - Wiring Tips - Nets and Net Labels

Setting Up Project Options

Checking the Electrical Properties of Your Schematic - Setting up the Error Reporting - Setting Up the Connection Matrix - Setting up Class Generation - Setting Up the Comparator

Compiling the Project to Check for Errors

Creating a New PCB - Creating a New Board from a Template - Configuring the Board Shape and Location

Transferring the Design

Ready to Start the PCB Design Process

Setting Up the PCB Workspace - Configuring the Display of Layers - Creating a View Configuration - Physical Layers and the Layer Stack Manager - PCB Workspace Grids * Imperial or Metric? * Suitable Grid Settings - Component Positioning and Placement options

Setting Up the Design Rules - Routing Width Design Rules * Signal Nets Routing Width * Power Nets Routing Width - Defining the Electrical Clearance Constraint - Defining the Routing Via Style

Positioning the Components on the PCB - Changing a Footprint

Interactively Routing the Board - Routing Tips - Interactive Routing Modes - Modifying and Rerouting * Reroute an existing Route * Re-arrange Existing Routes * Track Dragging Tips

Automatically Routing the Board

Verifying Your Board Design - Configuring the Display of Rule Violations - Checking for Rule Violations - Identifying the Error Conditions

Viewing Your Board in 3D - Tips for Working in 3D

Output Documentation - Available Output Types - Generating Gerber Files - Creating a Bill of Materials

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