Online training of Linux Administration

Linux Administration

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Online training of Linux Administration
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Duration: 40 hours Effort:8 hours per week

Price With GST: ₹17700/-

Subject: Networking Level: Beginner
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About this course

This course is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and abilities to work as a professional Linux system administrator. Students should have basic knowledge of Linux and its most common utilities and text editors.

What you'll learn

Red Hat System Administration I ( RH124 ) -Introduction of Linux architecture -Directory Stucture -Terminal /Virtual console -Introduction to the command line -Managing physical storage -Hard disk partitioning -Learning how to install and configure software components and services -Establishing network connections and firewall access -Monitoring and managing processes -Managing and securing files -Administrating users and groups -Linux file systems -Installing and using virtualized systems -Reviewing the system log files and journal -Working with vim editor -Kernel information -Test

Red Hat System Administration II ( RH134 ) -Installation using Kickstart -Manage filesystems and logical volumes -Dual booting -Accessing files from linux to window and vise versa -Manage scheduled jobs -Yum Repository Configuration -GNOME/KDE desktop -Application Software installation -Access network file systems -Manage SELinux -Control firewalling -Booting process details -Managing runlevels -Working with grub -Recovering Root password -Setting grub password -Recovering grub password -Working with cd/dvd -Printer management -Shell Scripting -Troubleshooting -Test

Red Hat System Administration III ( RH254 ) -IP Address configuration -SCP -Telnet -SSH -VNC server -FTP -DHCP -Squid -Linux installation through network -Network file sharing with Network File System (NFS) and Server Message Block (SMB) -Deploying and managing network servers running caching Domain Name Service (DNS) -MariaDB -Apache HTTPD -NIS -Postfix SMTP null clients, -iSCSI initiators and targets -Advanced networking and firewall configurations -Use of Bash shell scripting to help automate, configure, and troubleshoot the system.

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