Online training of Java Programming for Beginners

Java Programming for Beginners

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Online training of Java Programming for Beginners
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Subject: Level: Beginner
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About this course

Candidate will improve upon Basic programming, OOPS concept, and Java based technolgies. Course is helpful for learning data structures and computer science algorithms. Trainer has 13+ years of experience from industry. He will highlight industrial issues and important topics of computer science algorithms and java based technologies.

What you'll learn

Introduction - Introduction to Computer Programs - Key Features of the Java Language - The Java Technology and Development Environment - Running/testing a Java program

Creating a Java Main Class - Java Classes - The main Method

Data In the Cart - Introducing variables - Working with Strings - Working with numbers - Manipulating numeric data

Managing Multiple Items - Working with Conditions - Working with a List of Items - Processing a list of items

Describing Objects and Classes - Working with objects and classes - Defining fields and methods - Declaring, Instantiating, and Initializing Objects - Working with Object References - Doing more with Arrays - Introducing the NetBeans IDE - Introducing the Soccer League Use Case

Manipulating and Formatting the Data in Your Program - Using the String Class - Using the Java API Docs - Using the StringBuilder Class - More about primitive data types - The remaining numeric operators - Promoting and casting variables

Creating and Using Methods - Using methods - Method arguments and return values - Static methods and variables - How Arguments are Passed to a Method - Overloading a method

Using Encapsulation - Access Control - Encapsulation - Overloading constructors

More on Conditionals - Relational and conditional operators - More ways to use if/else constructs - Using Switch Statements - Using the NetBeans Debugger

More on Arrays and Loops - Working with Dates - Parsing the args Array - Two-dimensional Arrays - Alternate Looping Constructs - Nesting Loops - The ArrayList class

Using Inheritance - Overview of inheritance - Working with subclasses and superclasses - Overriding methods in the superclass - Introducing polymorphism - Creating and extending abstract classes

Using Interfaces - Polymorphism in the JDK foundation classes - Using Interfaces - Using the List Interface - Introducing Lambda expressions

Handling Exceptions - Handling Exceptions: An overview - Propagation of exceptions - Catching and throwing exceptions - Handling multiple exceptions and errors

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